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Korean Institue of Minnesota's Mission

is to (1) provide Korean-Americans and Korean adoptees a better knowledge and understanding of Korea, her people and culture; (2) teach them Korean language on the belief that the bi-lingual training is necessary and desirable for their future;(3) develop and promote harmonious and cooperative personality and character among them so that they can b better assimilated to the integrated American society; and (4) provide a resource as an information center for Korean-Americans, adoptees, their families and friends, business people, educators, and so on.

The overall goals for this program will be simple and obtainable. Here is a brief outline of specific goals and the ways in which we will meet them.

i. To build self esteem in Korean immigrants’ children and adopted youth.

• Supporting this group of peers to share in similar experiences

• Addressing these specific and unique experiences with a positive attitude.

• Framing these experiences in the overall development of healthy teens.

• Expressing their experiences through guided discussion, written journals and creative outlets.

• Analyzing the ways in which race has been a factor in their self concept.

ii. To teach basic skills in Korean and English language, culture and history .

• Understanding the role of language and cultural differences.

• Overview the historic and social evolution of Korea in relationship to the adoption experience.

• Speaking conversational Korean and English.

• Writing Hangul (the writing language form) for adopted youth and writing English for Korean immigrants’ children.

• Utilizing these skills to make contact with Koreans and Korean American to build their identity within these communities.

iii. To establish and sustain long term relationships with peers and instructors.

• Addressing the barriers that keep teens isolated from peers, families and their cultural background.

• Trusting each other.

• Sharing knowledge through cultural exchange of native Korean instructors and adopted Korean youth.

• Maintaining consistent contact over the twelve month period.