At K.I.M., our Mission is to (1) provide Korean-Americans and Korean adoptees a better knowledge and understanding of Korea, her people and culture; (2) teach them Korean language on the belief that the bi-lingual training is necessary and desirable for their future; (3) develop and promote harmonious and cooperative personality and character among them so that they can better assimilated to the integrated American society; and (4) provide a resource as an information center for Korean-Americans, adoptees, their families and friends, business people, educators, and so on. The overall goals for this program will be simple and obtainable. Here is a brief outline of specific goals and the ways in which we will meet them.
  1. To build self esteem in Korean immigrants’ children and adopted youth.
  2. To teach basic skills in Korean and English language, culture and history.
  3. To establish and sustain long term relationships with peers and instructors.


Rev. Sung Chul Park KIM Class presentation