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When can I take classes?

The Korean Institute of MN offers Korean language classes two semesters per year. The Fall Semester runs between Sept-Nov and the Spring Semester typically runs between Feb-Apr.  Each semester is 11-weeks long. 

The Spring 2024 semester will run from January 27-April 13th, with a one week break between March 2-8th. 

Youth Level classes are offered in-person on Saturday's between 9am-12pm at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota. 

Adult Level classes are offered in-person for Beginner A and Beginner B level classes and online for Beginner C, Intermediate and Advanced classes. See "Adult Classes" for specific dates and times. 

Who can take classes?

Anyone with an interest in learning the Korean language and enriching their knowledge about Korean culture is welcome to enroll in classes at the Korean Institute of Minnesota. 

How much is tuition?

Tuition for one 11-week semester of Korean language classes is $250, plus the cost of textbooks. 

Please note it is our policy that a registration is not final until tuition is paid in full. We offer a 2-day grace period after enrollment for tuition to be paid. After this time, unpaid enrollments will be released back to the public for other students to enroll. 

What class should I sign up for?

Youth Level class placement is typically designated by age, although if a student has previous experience or proficiency in Korean they will be placed according to their skill level.


Adult Level class placement is determined by proficiency. Students may take a simple proficiency assessment to help determine which class is appropriate for them HERE. 

What is your curriculum?

The curriculum for "Youth" classes is developed each semester with our instructors in collaboration with the organization's Principal according to developmental age and follows a class syllabus each semester.


Our "Adult Level" class curriculums are designed to be a year-long course. We recommend students start classes beginning in the Fall Semester, but it is possible for a student to do self-study and choose to take classes beginning Spring Semester with placement being based upon the results of the self-assessment test. We currently use the "Talk to Me In Korean" language instruction series in addition to customized curriculum specific to each course level. All Adult classes follow a class syllabus each semester. 

What is your Covid policy for IN-PERSON classes?

The Korean Institute of Minnesota observes the guidance of the CDC and MN Dept of Health related to operating in the time of Covid-19, but reserves the right to implement its own organizational safety and well-being policies.


At this time, for students who attend IN-PERSON classes, masks will be "optional" onsite at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota. 

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